Lanosterol occurs naturally in the eyes of mammals and has been shown to dissolve cataracts by revitalizing damaged cataract-causing crystallin proteins. Lanosterol’s amphipathic nature is believed to play a large role in its ability to prevent and reverse cataract formation.

The most famous cataract study involving lanosterol was published in 2015, by Dr. Kang Zhang and his team. The study’s methods included the injection of a lanosterol solution into animal lenses and soaking the lenses intermittently. The results determined that lanosterol is highly effective at removing cataracts. However, it is not practical to inject lanosterol into a patient's (or pet's) eyes over the course of a few weeks. Instead, a method needed to be developed to deliver lanosterol safely, topically and inexpensively. Heliostatix developed such a method.

Our nanotechnology not only creates a safe lanosterol solution, but also drives lanosterol to the interior of the eye. We use cutting edge drug delivery technology to create unique products that no other company can match. 

Heliostatix is currently exploring the viability of its technology on humans. Lanosterol eye drops for human use present additional formulation challenges due to the low permeability of lanosterol in human lenses. Heliostatix is working on additional methods for increasing the effective amount of lanosterol that can be delivered to human cataracts with the goal of creating a non-invasive drug for human cataract removal.


Before and After Results of A Lanosterol Study

Ling Zhao; Xiang-Jun Chen; Jie Zhu; Yi-Bo Xi; Xu Yang; Li-Dan Hu; Hong Ouyang; Sherrina H. Patel; Xin Jin; Danni Lin; Frances Wu; Ken Flagg; Huimin Cai; Gen Li; Guiqun Cao; Ying Lin; Daniel Chen; Cindy Wen; Christopher Chung; Yandong Wang; Austin Qiu; Emily Yeh; Wenqiu Wang; Xun Hu; Seanna Grob; et al. (July 2015). "Lanosterol reverses protein aggregation in cataracts". Nature. doi:10.1038/nature14650





N-Acetylcarnosine, or NAC, is a powerful free-radical scavenger commonly used in mammals to prevent and treat cataracts. NAC is particularly effective at stopping the aggregation of glycoprotein compounds that form cataracts.  As the progression of the cataract is halted, the cataract slowly breaks down over time.

Unfortunately, NAC alone can take as much as 9 months to produce visible results.  We at Heliostatix, believe that NAC is best used to complement the faster-acting lanosterol. 

NAC "freezes" the progress of the cataract, lanosterol breaks apart the existing cataract.  Currently, this concept is being implemented in our product LumenPro.


Lanosterol Delivery System

The effectiveness of our eye drop product line lies entirely in our delivery system. While portions of our delivery system are currently pending patent approval with the USPTO, the system itself is a combination of industry methods and our own innovation.  While the ingredients are specified in accordance with FDA regulations, the exact formula is a trade secret.

If you have any questions concerning safety of our ingredients we would be happy to help.  Such questions can be directed to