LumenPro Eye Drops FAQ’s

What is LumenPro?

LumenPro is an eye drop formula that contains 0.25% lanosterol and 1% n-acetylcarnosine. LumenPro uses patent-pending technology to ensure that lanosterol is delivered to the lens of the eye. Lanosterol is capable of reversing crystallin protein deformation that causes cataracts. LumenPro is recommended for use in animals suffering from cataracts.

How does LumenPro work against cataracts?

Lanosterol is the main ingredient supplemented to the eye by LumenPro. Lanosterol helps to align and restore the crystallin proteins in the eye lens. These proteins are what makes the lens clear (in healthy individuals) or cloudy (in individuals suffering from cataracts.) Everything humans and animals see passes through these crystallin proteins so they must be in a natural and stable form to maintain lens clarity.

Damage occurring through age, injury, disease, diet or genetics can cause these proteins to become misshapen or deformed. These deformed proteins are likely to collect with other deformed proteins and even cause the healthy proteins around them to begin deforming. These collections of deformed proteins are cataracts.

Lanosterol helps to reverse the collection (aggregation) of these deformed proteins and is believed to restore proteins that are in the early stages of deformation. As the clump (aggregate) of cataract-causing proteins is broken up, light begins to pass through the eyes normally and vision can be restored. Similarly, n-acetylcarnosine has shown effectiveness at reducing cataract severity and is an anti-oxidant, which helps prevent further damage to the lens.

LumenPro is the only commercially-available eye drop that delivers both of these ingredients to the eyes in effective quantities. 

Do I need a prescription for LumenPro?

No, a prescription is not required for LumenPro. LumenPro eye drops are a vision health supplement, and not a drug.

What is the dosage?

LumenPro does not have formal dosage guidelines from a regulatory body. The recommended dosage according to our assessments is 1-3 drops (0.05-0.15 mL) per eye, given twice daily. More formal guidelines are as follows:

Dogs, Cats: 2 drops (0.3 ml - 0.5 ml) administered to each eye. 6-12 hours between applications.

Horses: 3 drops (0.45 ml - 0.75 ml) administered to each eye. 6-12 hours between applications.

Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Rodents: 1 drop (0.15 ml – 0.25 ml) administered to each eye. 6-12 hours between applications.

Diabetic Animals: LumenPro has shown little effectiveness in preventing diabetic cataracts. Due to the rapid nature and onset of cataracts due to diabetes, Heliostatix recommends considering the cost of lanosterol supplementation relative to surgery before purchasing LumenPro.

How long does 1 bottle of LumenPro Last?

For an animal with two afflicted eyes, 1-3 drops translates anywhere from 15-45 days of treatment, depending on the chosen dosage. We find most customers use each bottle for 3-4 weeks.

How many bottles of LumenPro does it take to reverse my pet's cataracts?

LumenPro cannot guarantee the reversal of cataracts. LumenPro is not a medication and does not claim to "treat" or "reverse" any condition. LumenPro supplements lanosterol to the lens of the eye which can lead to dramatic improvements in animals suffering from cataracts.

Due to the variety of cataracts, and their varying severity (see types of cataracts FAQs), it is not possible to say how long customers must use LumenPro before they are happy with the results. Most customers are satisfied with progress after 3-5 bottles. However, it is unlikely that LumenPro completely reverses cataract protein aggregation after 3-5 bottles.

How much improvement should I expect in my animal's eyes?

Animals suffering from new/developing cataracts will see the most improvement within the first 6 weeks. The age of the cataracts usually affects the degree to which the proteins aggregations are reversible. Cataracts that are very large, opaque and old will see much slower improvement compared to cataracts that are light and newly-formed.

Does LumenPro work on all animals?

LumenPro was developed using many different eye specimens. The final product of LumenPro is highly viscous and engineered with Canine (dog) eyes in mind. However, LumenPro has been shown to work on rabbits, and customers have reported positive results for dogs, mice, rats, horses and camels. Almost all mammals share the same proteins in their eye lenses, and share the pathways regulating them. So lanosterol supplementation likely reduces cataract severity for any mammal.

Can I use LumenPro on myself or another human?

LumenPro is not for human use. Heliostatix is exploring the viability of a lanosterol-based product for humans. However, there are several challenges that our technology needs to overcome to create a viable human-use product.

Primarily, human eye lenses have shown to be significantly less permeable to lanosterol than the lenses of dogs and rabbits. This is likely due to the uniquely effective clearance of human eyes, and the lower residence time that such effective clearance confers.

Additionally, human eyes must function much longer than animal eyes due to the duration of human lifetimes compared to those of animals. Interestingly, no human-use commercial ophthalmic products use a delivery mechanism for similar to that of LumenPro. This fact requires us to perform diligent research regarding the effect of our delivery system on the eyes over long periods of time.

My pet’s cataracts are gone.  Do I need to keep my animal on LumenPro forever to prevent them from coming back?

Not necessarily. Most cataracts caused by aging are formed due to oxidative stresses accumulating over time. These cataracts due to old age are unlikely to return after being cleared. Cataracts formed due to diabetes, diet, genetics, disease or eye damage are more likely to return or persist. If your pet/animal is suffering from one of these forms of cataracts, then large doses of LumenPro will likely be required to see any effect, and a maintenance dose may be required until the underlying condition is controlled.

Why is my LumenPro bottle or solution tinted yellow?

Our sterilization process uses gamma radiation, which may temporarily tint the LumenPro bottle or solution yellow. This tint wears off over time, and does not indicate a faulty or contaminated product. Contaminated product will have a distinct odor. Our bottles are sealed with shrink wrap and sterilized extensively, so contamination should not occur.

My dog's eyes are sticky and/or red after using LumenPro. Should I be concerned?

Yes. LumenPro is a viscous eye drop, but should never cause inflammation in a healthy animal's eyes. If your dog's eyes are red for over 3 hours after using LumenPro, it could mean a number of things. We strongly advise taking your dog to your veterinarian. If you are unsure if your dog is handling LumenPro well, you can administer over-the-counter saline eye drops such as "Visine" 30 minutes after LumenPro applications. If this clears the redness, you can continue using LumenPro in combination with saline drops. If the redness is still present, discontinue use of LumenPro until consulting with your veterinarian.

Are there any Contraindications?

LumenPro is believed to have negligible systemic uptake. There are no known contraindications between LumenPro and medications.


Shipping FAQs

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, LumenPro can be purchased worldwide. However, some countries may have additional tariffs or may not allow imports of our products.

How long does it take to ship if I purchase through LumenPro?

Domestic orders will be received in 5 to 10 business days.  Delivery of international orders varies by country, and may require 1 to 3 weeks to clear customs and reach their destination.

Where does my order ship from?

LumenPro is manufactured in Pittsford, New York.  Orders are fulfilled from warehouses throughout the USA and Canada.