LumenPro Pet Cataracts Eye Drops - 10mL

LumenPro Pet Cataracts Eye Drops - 10mL

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Each 10 mL bottle of LumenPro contains two cataract-fighting ingredients, lanosterol (0.25%)  and n-acetylcarnosine (1%).   LumenPro is unique in that it is the only lanosterol eye drop that has been proven to deliver lanosterol to lens of the eye, where cataracts are located.  

Why Go With LumenPro

  • Professionally Recommended
  • Formulated To Be Gentle
  • More Effective Than Antioxidant Eye Drops
  • Stimulates Natural Biological Pathways
  • Phosphate-Free & BPA-Free
  • GMP and ISO compliant
  • Proudly made in the USA

    Watching a furry family member suffer from cataracts can be frustrating and heartbreaking. Cataracts surgery is invasive, expensive and is not an option for the average pet owner. Fortunately, thanks to breakthrough nanotechnology perfected by Heliostatix, we developed LumenPro, a solution to animal cataracts. LumenPro is here to help restore clarity of vision and quality of life.


    Superior Vision Protection

    LumenPro’s laboratory-tested mechanism delivers and retains active ingredients on the lens for a longer time, allowing for vastly better penetration than competitor products.

    Backed By Scientific and Medical Research

    LumenPro uses a scientifically proven formula, shown to dissolve glycoproteins in animal lenses in peer-reviewed studies (1)

    Liberally apply 2-3 drops of LumenPro to each eye twice daily. Assess improvement at 6 week intervals. Ask your vet before using in conjunction with other products.

    Note: If your pet’s cataracts are caused by a chronic disease, such as diabetes, LumenPro may not be beneficial unless the underlying condition is treated.

    Order LumenPro now, and help your pet see a clearer world.


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